Top places to look for a good example of an extended essay

There are several places where you go looking for examples of good academic papers. One of the places that come to the mind very often is the web. While many may have you believe that the web is the only place where you will find the required resources, the truth is that there are several other places from where you can find the resource you need.

The good thing about the web is that there are several places where you can look for information; like this very page from where you are reading now. The bad thing about the web is that unlike this page it does not really tell you about the places off the web where equally valuable information is available. So we make a combination of places in and out of the internet and bring it to you here.

  • Start with the library
  • The best place to start when it comes to finding really resourceful information when you are not really looking to go to the web is the library. There are those who believe that the library is a place where you can find almost any information provided you have clear knowledge of the subject you are looking for.

    Most students now seem to be ignorant of the library when looking for examples of extended essays. You should turn it around and start from the library.

  • Books in the house
  • The books inside your house are equally meaningful when it comes to starting a good research for the samples. As it is, extended papers are found in almost every notable academic book and you may start looking for them right away.

  • Mentors and peers
  • The mentors and peers can be a vital part of the sample hunt. When you know that some of your peers have already made it large in the hunt, you may take tips from them. They will tell you the essential nitty-gritty of finding the right samples.

  • How important is the web?
  • The web is highly important when you are looking for the right sample. In fact, you may rest assured to find on the web things that you have not found in any other place. Here are some places that you may check out:

    • Academic sites or the writing agencies
    • Academic blogs that publish papers intermittently
    • Online writing journals
    • Social media posts